Spring Cleaning Checklist: Spots not to miss

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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Philadelphia Homes

Spring is the season for a fresh start.   It’s time to clean up your space and get ready for the sun to shine in. 

Spring cleaning is a tradition that is productive and can change your point of view.   Many Homeowners forget or skip some of the areas in their homes.   Check out this checklist to be sure you don’t miss anything and your home is clean!.

1. Underneath Tables and Chairs.   

Don’t overlook these areas of your home since you don’t spend time looking under tables and chairs, but they probably need special attention this spring. You might find tiny bits of food and dust to clean.

2. Light Fixtures

One often overlooked area when cleaning is the lighting fixtures. If you’ve noticed your rooms are a bit dim, then it’s  time to clean the lights! Dust fixtures, remove if needed so you can soak them in the sink and scrub them with a rag. Rinse them and let them air dry.

A woman in yellow gloves holding onto some bells

3. Toothbrush Holder

How often do you  wipe down the the inside of your  toothbrush holder,  Every time you brush your teeth, the extra water and toothpaste residue runs down your toothbrush and into the bottom of the holder, leaving a moist area for bacteria to grow.   It’s good to once a month open it up and clean the inside. 

4. Medicine Cabinet

If you’re like most people, you likely have some expired medicines in your medicine cabinet and only really go in there when someone is sick. If you use the medicine cabinet often, there might be some toothpaste and lotion residue there, too. Remove all of the items from the cabinet and give it a deep clean.

A woman is looking through the medicine shelf.

5. Garbage Cans

Here’s one you probably didn’t think of, you should clean your garbage cans both inside and out of your home. Garbage leaves behind bacteria and a lingering scent.  Clean out your garbage cans regularly and use a disinfectant to ensure it’s clean and bacteria-free.

6. Mattress and Throw Pillows

You likely clean your pillowcases and sheets reasonably often, but how often do you clean your actual pillows and mattress? People and pets in your home use the pillows and mattresses and neglecting to clean them means that years of built-up hair and dust mites lie on them. Vacuum your throw pillows and mattress every once in a while.


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