A woman holding cleaning supplies in her hands.

General House Cleaning

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or On Call.  

We’re here to help. 

Set up a regular schedule for cleaning

Looking for a reliable and consistent cleaning experience in Philadelphia? We recommend scheduling regular house cleaning services for the most ongoing satisfaction.   Customers who set up a regular house cleaning schedule for general house cleaning experience have the most consistent and reliable home cleaning experience. By creating a regular schedule, we can easily keep the same staff person in your home which offers greater peace of mind.

Cleaning Supplies

For our regularly scheduled house cleaning, we believe it’s most hygienic to keep your home insulated from other homes. Many services drag supplies and (worst of all) vacuum cleaners and mops from one house to the next. This exposes your home to all matters of who-knows-what that has been drawn up from other homes. Eww!

We are happy to purchase products for you to avoid cross-contamination and avoid the risk of spreading infestation from house to house. Our goal is to keep Philly house cleaning easy, efficient, and sanitary.

Licensed and Insured

It’s very important to book a cleaning service that is fully insured including bonding insurance, liability insurance & workman’s compensation for employees.

We DO NOT use subcontractors, an important distinction when comparing rates & companies.

Credit Card Payments

At the end of your cleaning day when our work is complete, we’ll email you a link to your customer hub for easy credit card payment.

A woman in blue apron holding a pair of yellow gloves.
A woman in yellow gloves cleaning the counter.
Appointment reminders
We’ll send you a reminder email and text the day before each cleaning


We recommend lock boxes for house keys to avoid disrupting your schedule with unexpected delays. Traveling thru the city, with traffic and parking can be unpredictable. When possible, leave permission and keys at the front desk.

Feedback or Concerns

We always ask after each house cleaning for you to give us any feedback and voice any concerns. We will Follow up ASAP to be sure you’re satisfied with our cleaning work. Your happy and clean home is our business, let Homeworks house cleaning be a part of your home cleaning experience.

Cleaning Check List

A bowl of fruit on the counter in front of a sink.


  • Dust all accessible surfaces
  • Make bed / change linen
  • Stack and tidy
  • Vacuum wipe all floors
  • Empty trash containers


  • Clean kitchen sink & counters
  • Wipe inside Microwave
  • Wipe exterior of stove oven & fridge
  • Wipe finger points
  • Wet wipe & clean all floors
  • Take out garbage & recycling
A bedroom with white walls and wooden floors.
A white sink with flowers in the background.

Living Spaces

  • Dust all accessible surfaces, sills and ledges
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Vacuum and wipe floors
  • Stack and tidy
  • Empty trash containers


  • Wash and sanitize sink, shower, tub & toilet.
  • Wipe all accessible surfaces
  • Wipe down all mirrors and fixtures
  • hand wipe floors
  • Take out trash 
A living room with two chairs and a fireplace

Deep Cleaning Services

For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras. 

A woman in blue gloves cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Inside Fridge and Freezer
  • Inside all Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers
  • Inside Oven and Appliances
  • Inside Closets
  • Interior windows

Cleaning Notes

—–  Setting realistic expectations —–

House cleaning is not an exact science and home come in a wide range of conditions.  We want to do our best to meet your expectations.  Please consider the following notes. 

Refrigerator:  we clean inside fridge, freezer and all compartments.   We find there is a considerable range of conditions and our efforts go more quickly if the fridge has been maintained. 

Oven Cleaning

OVEN: Ovens with heavy use and/or been neglected in its routine maintenance cleanings, will never look new.   We use spray on oven cleaner. Be aware that this product is not guaranteed to remove extreme oven residue and could require additional efforts with scrappers and/or additional treatments. We will do our best to scrub out what’s left in residual areas.

Leave a punch list

LEAVE A NOTE: It can be helpful if you have with specific requests and details for cleaning. Each home is different and there are a wide range of expectations. We want to do our best achieve the results you’re looking for.

Mildew Removal

Mildew Removal: We use standard house cleaning products to scrub shower walls, grout and tile with soap-scum remover and/or degreaser with scrubby sponges and spray with mildew and mold remover. More extreme conditions require re-grouting and/or professional mildew removal services.


WINDOWS: are generally considered an add-on to regular cleaning services. (This includes the areas between window sill and the exterior) This will increase the amount of time needed for cleaning and requires additional tools for us to include with our supplies.

Washing Walls

WALLS: the proper process for addressing marks and stains on walls and baseboards is touch up paint. Washing or wiping walls is generally not a solution as it removes paint and does not create the desired result.