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Move in-out cleaning philadelphia

Moving time is here, let us help you.

Are you moving from one location to another? We offer move-in/move-out services. We’ll get your current space ready for a new tenant or owner. If you’re about to move in to a new space we’ll go in ahead of you and get it ready for your move-in day.
moving cleaning in Philadelphia

With move-in/out cleaning, we assume the place will be empty and we scrub out inside cabinets, drawers, shelves, fridge, and all compartments. We’ll scrub out any residual residue in your space with cleanser & scrub brushes.

We assume the unit should be left “in-move” in condition so we’ll do our best to focus on the details. Feel free to leave a note with any details you think would be needed for our cleaning and mark any items that should not be discarded.

Moving Cleaning Check List

Philadelphia Cleaning service
  • Inside fridge, freezer & all compartments
  • Inside the oven, microwave, and all appliances
  • Wet mop all floors
  • Wet wipe trim & baseboards
  • Inside all cabinets & drawers
  • Inside & out of washer & dryer
  • Scrub tub, shower & grout
  • Inside all closets

Our Rates

Our rates are based on the condition, size & layout of your space. More extreme conditions require considerably more time and attention.  This includes all the labor, supplies, equipment & insurance needed (Bonding, liability & workman’s compensation)