Move in - Move out Cleaning

Move in - Move out Cleaning

Are you moving from one location to another? We offer move-in/move-out services. We’ll get your current space ready for a new tenant or owner. If you’re about to move in to a new space we’ll go in ahead of you and get it ready for your move-in day.

With move in/out cleaning we assume the place will be empty and we scrub out inside cabinets, drawers, shelves, fridge and all compartments.   We’ll scrub out any residual residue in your space with cleanser & scrub brushes.  We assume the unit should be left “in-move” in condition so we’ll do our best to focus on the details.  Feel free to leave a note with any details you think would be needed for our cleaning and mark any items that should not be discarded.

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Make your landlord happy and get your rental deposit back


Inside fridge, freezer & compartments


Inside all cabinets & drawers


Inside oven, microwave & all appliances


Inside all cabinets & drawers


Inside & out of washer & dryer


Scrub tub, shower & grout


Inside all closet


Wipe trim & baseboards


Wet mop all floors

Our rates are based on the condition, size & layout of your space. 

More extreme conditions require considerably more time and attention.  This includes all the labor, supplies, equipment & insurance needed (Bonding, liability & workman’s compensation)


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Additional notes

Mildew Removel

MILDEW: We use standard house cleaning products to scrub shower walls, grout and tile with soap-scum remover and/or degreaser with scrubby sponges and spray with mildew and mold remover. More extreme conditions require regrouting and/or professional mildew removal services.


WINDOWS: are generally considered an add-on to regular cleaning services. (This includes the areas between window sill and the exterior) This will increase the amount of time needed for cleaning and requires additional tools for us to include with our supplies.


WALLS: the proper process for addressing marks and stains on walls and baseboards is touch up paint. Washing or wiping walls is generally not a solution as it removes paint and does not create the desired result.


LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: lead to unfillable time slots in you cleaners schedule, so we kindly request 24 hours notice to cancel or move your appointment.


ENTRY: We recommend lock boxes for house keys to avoid disrupting your schedule with unexpected delays. Traveling thru the city, with traffic and parking can be unpredictable. When possible, leave permission and keys at the front desk.

Feedback or concerns

FEEDBACK OR CONCERNS: If after the cleaning you have any feedback or concerns, please let us know so we can address them promptly.


REFRIGERATOR: we clean inside fridge, freezer and all compartments. We find There is a considerable range of conditions. Our efforts go more quickly if the fridge has been maintained.


OVEN: If the oven has had heavy use and/or been neglected in its routine maintenance cleanings, we suggest you run the self cleaning oven feature before we arrive. We use spray on oven cleaner. Be aware that this product is not guaranteed to remove extreme oven residue and could require additional efforts with scrappers and/or additional treatments. We will do our best to scrub out what’s left in residual areas.

Fully licensed & insured

FULLY LICENSED & INSURED: Bonding, liability & workman's compensation), Also we DO NOT use subcontractors, an important distinction when comparing rates & companies.

Credit card payments

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: we’ll email you an invoice with the total at the end of the work day with link for credit card payment.

Leave a punch list

LEAVE A NOTE: It can be helpful if you have with specific requests and details for cleaning. Each home is different and there are a wide range of expectations. We want to do our best achieve the results you’re looking for.

Reminder email

REMINDER EMAIL: We’ll send a reminder email the day before you’re cleaning.

or just call us!