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If you’ve made the decision to hire a Center city cleaning service to attend to the needs of your home, it’s important to do your research. Ideally, you’d like to find a combination of premium service, affordable rates, and a trustworthy team of cleaners.


Once we’ve developed a feel for your specific home, we aim to consistently provide you with premium-quality service tailored to your preferences. That’s why we prefer to assign one specific cleaner to your home, so that you can quickly come to expect returning to a home cleaned exactly how you like it.

High hiring standards

We’re picky about who we allow to join our cleaning team. We think it’s important to build a team of energetic and motivated cleaners who have high character and a strong work history. Unlike many other cleaning services, we avoid hiring career cleaners, instead opting for students and young creative types looking to support themselves, with an eye towards future goals. Our team approaches cleaning with a passion that’s evident in the results.

An individualized approach

We know that each home and each homeowner is unique. That’s why we strive to offer our customers high-quality and personalized service. To get a feel for your personal needs and preferences, we’ll have you fill out a worksheet prior to cleaning your home. We also encourage our customers to leave any additional notes so that we can clean your home just how you like it.

This combination of factors has helped us to stand out as the premium Center City cleaning service.  Homeworks has become synonymous with reliability and premium service throughout Philadelphia.

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Midtown Village in Philadelphia is one of the leisure hotspots in all of Philadelphia and the Center City district, with restaurants and bars surrounding the theaters and shops of Broad Street and Rittenhouse are the best. 

Homeworks offers all of the essential house cleaning services to this area. After getting to know you and your preferences, our team members can handle all of the following aspects of house cleaning:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms & Bedrooms
  • Move-in & Move-out cleaning
  • Extras, upon request

So if you like our approach to house cleaning, don’t hesitate to start building a business relationship today. To set up a cleaning plan, give us a call at 215-629-1836, or email at: homeworkshousecleaning.com We look forward to meeting you and your home!

Choose to Trust Our Passionate Cleaning Team

friendly cleanersWhen cleaning your home gets to be too much for you, know that there are excellent services available to you. Our Center City house cleaning team can clean your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Our Center City house cleaning team can make your bedroom a clean place where you can get away and relax. If you are looking for house cleaning help, choose the help offered by our residential cleaners in Rittenhouse Square.

If one person returns to your Center City, Philadelphia home over and over again to complete house cleaning work, they will know just how you want your cleaning work done. If you know that the same person is coming back to your home, you can know to expect the same kind of results that you have seen before. We make sure that you get the personalized cleaning services that you are seeking by giving you one home cleaning expert to work on your home and return to the place again and again.

An apartment can get really gross after someone has spent a lot of time living there, and our apartment cleaning services can clean up your Midtown apartment and get it ready for new residents. If you want to get your deposit back when you leave your apartment, you will leave the place clean. Our apartment cleaning team can help you get your Midtown apartment looking as good as it did when you first moved into it. You can leave your apartment cleaning in University City, Philadelphia to our reliable team.

Not every apartment cleaning or home cleaning service is going to be careful when choosing people to be part of its cleaning team. When you are looking for Center City, Philadelphia residential cleaning services, know that our company is careful about choosing the cleaners who will be part of our team. We want the residential cleaning help that we offer to be good help, and we screen those individuals who try to get residential cleaning jobs through us.

We have you write down the residential cleaning services that you want us to give you so that we can understand what you want our cleaners to do in your Chinatown home. We allow you to give us information that shares your Chinatown cleaning needs so that we can offer you the personalized help that you are after. When our cleaners enter your home, they will be looking to do everything that you want them to do.

Having passionate cleaners come into your Midtown home is important to you. You know that the best cleaning services are given to a home when those who are cleaning care about their work. Having an affordable Chinatown home cleaning team come into your home is also important to you. When your cleaning needs are addressed by a team like ours, you can know that we will be focused on our work and passionate about doing a good job. When you trust us, you can know that you will be paying an affordable price for all cleaning services rendered to you.

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