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A Reliable Pennsport and Penns landing home cleaning service.

When shopping around for a home cleaning service in Bella Vista, it can be difficult to differentiate between one service and another. Like most services in metropolitan areas, there are tons to choose from. But not all home cleaning services are created equal, and it’s important that you choose one that suits you well before inviting cleaners into your home.

At Homeworks, we provide a standard of service we believe distinguishes us from our competitors:

A uniquely passionate team

Quality service starts with the type of team members we assemble. Unlike most other home cleaning services, we prefer not to hire career cleaners. Instead, we have a team comprised of students and young artists who are seeking financial support while they pursue their separate career goals. Each team member offers their own brand of enthusiasm for life, which we feel translates into high-quality service.

Individualized service

At Homeworks, we recognize that no two people are alike, and that each individual has their own set of needs and preferences for home cleaning. That’s why we make an effort to get to know you on a personal level, so that we can develop a feel for how you’d like your home to be cleaned. This all begins with a personal questionnaire which you can fill out, cluing us into your specific preferences. Subsequent worksheets may be filled out and left with notes prior to each cleaning session.

Efficient and well trained

Although our cleaners may have diverse interests outside of home cleaning, each cleaner maintains a strong focus on efficient cleaning practices on the job. Each team member has undergone a 2-4 week training period side-by-side with our manager, in order to consistently provide the highest standard of cleaning services.

Penns landing - Pennsport

If these sound like the types of traits you desire in a 19148  home cleaning service, look no further than Homeworks. One of our team members is eager to get to know you and your home on a personal level, so that you can consistently find everything neat and tidy on each cleaning day.

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Our 19148 house cleaners specialize in all of the most important aspects of effective house cleaning, including all of the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms & Bedrooms
  • Move-in & Move-out Cleaning
  • Extras, per request

We also offer a variety of cleaning schedules, including; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even one-time cleaning services. Some of our clients also prefer a 3 or 4 week cleaning rotation. You also have the option of a 10 am or 1 pm start time. With all of these options, you can pick a scheduled cleaning day and time which best suits you and your lifestyle.

Penns landing - Pennsport

The Pennsport and Penns landing neighborhood has a rich concentration of historically blue-collar families and Mummers’ clubhouses — Pennsport’s “Two Street,” also known as 2nd Street, hosts a serious post-parade street party every New Year’s Day.

But it is also experiencing the beginnings of its own, natural revitalization, complete with a healthy lineup of new bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

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