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As one of the leading house cleaning companies in Philadelphia it is our job to make our cleaning services more than just satisfactory, we need to be excellent. Our cleaning professionals and our work is personalized, detailed and focused on your preferences.  

If you ever believe that our cleaning services have not met your expectations, just let us know, we’ll return for a touch up and address any concerns you might have. 

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Frequently ask Questions

So if you need cleaning services for your home here in Philadelphia, but you don’t  know what you are looking for, know that you have come to the right place. You can work with our cleaning company to get one of our expertly trained house cleaners to come to your home. We offer all the services you need, and will customize your service to suit your needs. This includes spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or any regular residential cleaning service. 

The first thing to consider is that we use our cleaning supplies to avoid cross contamination in customers homes. In this Covid era, this consideration has certainly become much more important. We will show you the cleaning products that work best for your home or office. Keeping your home safe from others by using your products is the most sanitary option for you.

The second very important point is how we train our housekeepers, maids and cleaning professionals to excel in customer satisfaction. We’ll discuss more of the reasons you should choose Homeworks House cleaning below.

And lastly, we provide the best residential cleaning in the Greater Philadelphia area including house cleaning in Fishtown and residential cleaners in University City, Philadelphia. We will send you a maid who will handle every specific thing in your home. By using your personal products, your preferences and details, we can customize your home-cleaning experience.

If you need commercial cleaning services, we’re here to help. From cleaning in Penns Landing, or in Old City, Philadelphia. Our cleaners are trained to handle it all, everything from offices, homes and apartments. Let us help you keep your office, apartment or house in good condition.

We have many customers who work from their home office and we’ll come up with a schedule that suits you best. Whatever types of flooring, desks, or floor plans you have, we’ll work out what suits you best. We offer options for your office to be cleaned in the evening after business hours. For Home offices we will set up a schedule that makes the most sense for you and your business.

We recommend a regular scheduled professional cleaning at minimum every two weeks. However, every home is different and there are many factors that can affect what is best for each customer. For example, one customer we offer apartment cleaning in Northern Liberties Philadelphia has two dogs, two cats and three young children and for them, a weekly service is very important. Every customer is unique and their lifestyle affects their own decision in how frequently to schedule a home cleaning. We can adapt and adjust our low rates to reflect client preferences.

For every house cleaning we do in Center City Philadelphia, we customize and find what suits our customers best. Above all, the goal of customer satisfaction is paramount. We make sure your estimate is affordable, and offer the best options for homes, apartments and offices so our clients can focus on their work and lives.

There are many factors that can affect how long each house cleaning job can take. For instance, a house cleaning in South Philly, where the homes are older, a one bedroom one bath can take more time than an apartment cleaning in Rittenhouse Square. That is to say, that we have learned to adjust our expectations and for each account and allow for flexibility in our days. The average tends to be two or three hours per job but there are always unexpected events that can affect the process. We make sure you get affordable prices and professional service. As a result, you’ll find Homeworks is a cleaning company that is committed to excellence.

However, as Professional home cleaners we do get very efficient and fast in our cleaning process. We know, for instance, that you do not have time to take care of the job yourself. We are here to help. If you want to set up a contract for cleaning, you can reach out to us today.