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We’re back and ready to help get your House Cleaned.    Our new safe cleaning method allows you to ha a clean home with confidence.  

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As one of the leading cleaning companies in the Philly it is our job is to make our cleaning services more than just satisfactory.  Our staff and our work is personalized, detailed and focused on your preferences.  

If, you ever believe that our cleaning services haven’t met your expectations, just let us know, we’ll return for a touch up to address any concerns.  

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We are happy to bring supplies and equipment for one time house cleaning and move in/out deep cleaning

However, for our regularly scheduled house cleaning we believe it’s most hygienic to keep your home insulated from other homes.  Many services drag supplies and (worst of all) vacuum cleaners and mops from one house to the next. This exposes your home to all matter of who-knows-what that has been drawn-up from other homes. Eww!   

We are happy to purchase products for you to avoid cross contamination and avoid the risk of spreading infestation from house to house.  Our goal is to keep Philly house cleaning easy, efficient and sanitary. 

Frequently Ask Questions

So if you need cleaning services for your home here in Philadelphia, but you don’t  know what you are looking for,  know that you have come to the right place.   You can work with our cleaning company to get one of our expertly trained house cleaners to come to your home We offer all the services you need, and will customize your service to suit your needs.   This includes spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or any regular residential cleaning service depending on your needs.

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Our housekeepers, maids, and house cleaners offer house cleaning in Fishtown and around the Greater Philadelphia area. We can handle spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or commercial cleaning when needed.

Our residential cleaners in University City, Philadelphia provide the best residential cleaning. We can send maids who will handle very specific things about the house, and our housekeepers who have experience working in homes like yours.

We are here to help you when you want the house to have a specific scent. We will show you the cleaning products we offer, and we will let you know which one might work in your home. Also, we will continue to use that cleaning product so that you enjoy the smell when we are done. These are signature plans that other companies do not offer, and we will even purchase a specific leaning product for you because you have ordered regular cleanings.

Our commercial cleaners and residential cleaners in Old City, Philadelphia will explain how to keep the house in good condition. We can handle apartment cleaning, and our cleaning company will give you a full estimate for all jobs.

If you need apartment cleaning in Penns Landing, we handle bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, and any other house cleaning service you need. Our services cover the whole house. We can explain all the cleaning services, and our housekeepers will move quickly to help you.

We can work in your home office that has many different types of flooring, desks, and people. We can come in when the business closes for the day, or we can come in before you open. Home offices tend to be harder to navigate, and you might have so much foot traffic that it is difficult to keep the space clean. We will set up a schedule that makes the most sense for you and your business.

Our commercial cleaners offer apartment cleaning in Northern Liberties Philadelphia and professional services around the building. We offer housekeeping that makes the offices and utility rooms easy to use, and our services include things like the washers, dryers, public bathrooms, and the laundry rooms.

Our commercial cleaners can work anywhere in the building. Our bathroom cleaners also work on all of the tiles around the building to make it sparkle. We know you need to make the best impression, and we do more than other cleaning companies to help you.

When we offer house cleaning in Center City in Philadelphia, we can clean several homes or income properties. We can handle bathroom cleaning, housekeeping, and a whole house cleaning service when needed. We make sure your estimate is affordable, and we offer the best options for homes that need to look new.

When you order residential cleaning or house cleaning in South Philly, we make sure you get affordable prices and professional service. Also, we move fast so you can get back to business. We know that other cleaning companies take too long to do the job. We are the best cleaning company in the area because we save time and use a big staff.

Our cleaning services include fast apartment cleaning in Rittenhouse Square, deep cleaning, and any other cleaning services. We will work on your schedule, and our cleaning services are scheduled so that you do not need to be there.

Our bathroom cleaners can work quickly to make the tub, shower, and sinks shine. This job is too hard for you to do by yourself, and we use the best cleaning products. Also, we make certain that you are happy with the house cleaning service before we leave. You may have concerns about the house because you have set-in stains or issues with floors that do not shine. We will check each of these areas before leaving the property.

Professional home cleaners are needed when you do not have time to take care of the job yourself. You are far too busy to get to all your income properties, and we make sure that everything you order is affordable. If you want to set up a contract for cleaning, you can reach out to us today.