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Reclaim Your Time & Wellbeing:

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Tired of spending hours scrubbing? Breathe new life into your home with Homeworks and scheduled a professional deep cleaning service here in Philadelphia. Our skilled housecleaners go beyond surface-level cleaning, offering a personalized experience that respects your unique needs and preferences.

Homeworks provides personalized house cleaning services here in Philadelphia and the surrounding neighborhoods to brighten your energy and enrich your everyday life. Our skilled housekeepers have an eye for detail, tackling tough messes while maintaining your privacy and home’s aesthetic.

What type of house cleaning do you need?

General House Cleaning

Your week to week, month to month regular maintenance house cleaning.

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Deep House Cleaning

One time cleanings with a focus on details and those hard to reach cleaning areas.

Moving Cleaning

Get your home ready for the next tenant or owner.   

Get your deposit back. 

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Why Choose us?

At Homeworks, we go beyond “good enough” cleaning in Philadelphia. Our dedicated house cleaning professionals take pride in personalized service, ensuring a detailed clean that meets your specific needs and preferences. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything isn’t perfect, simply let us know and we’ll return for a complimentary touch-up cleaning. 

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Meet your Cleaning Team

Because it matters who cleans your home.

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We Can Clean Apartments, Lofts & Homes in Philadelphia

When your looking for a reliable cleaning service in Philadelphia that caters to both homes and businesses? Look no further than Homeworks! We offer a wide range of services to keep your space sparkling, including deep cleaning, move-out prep, recurring cleaning plans for homes, thorough office cleaning for businesses, and expert cleaning for apartment turnovers. Convenience is our priority – we can schedule cleaning around your busy life, working discreetly and efficiently whether you’re at home or away. Our friendly and professional house cleaning technicians prioritize minimal disruption while ensuring a top-notch clean. Get a free quote today and experience the difference with Homeworks!

Frequently ask Questions

Confused about which cleaning service is right for your Philadelphia home? Don’t worry, Homeworks is here to help! We offer a variety of customizable cleaning options to fit your needs, from seasonal deep cleans to regular maintenance plans. Work with our friendly team to create a personalized cleaning solution and schedule a house cleaner visit today! Contact us for a free quote or to book your service.

We start each service by using our client’s cleaning products or recommending our clients buy specific cleaning supplies to ensure the best products for their homes. We only use products within the client’s home for regular cleanings to avoid any cross contaminations. The safety and preferences of our clients are important to us and are happy to use our clients preferred cleaning products. 

The second way we offer leading cleaning services comes from our training. We train our housekeepers and cleaning professionals to excel in customer satisfaction. This allows us to provide the best residential cleaning in the Greater Philadelphia area.

From house cleaning in Fishtown to residential cleaners in University City, Philadelphia, we can provide top-notch cleaning to keep your home at its best. We will send you a maid who will handle every task with great detail and care. By following our preferences and details, we can customize your home-cleaning experience.

If you need commercial cleaning services, we’re here to help. From cleaning in Penns Landing, or in Old City, Philadelphia. Our cleaners are trained to handle it all, everything from offices and commercial spaces, to homes and apartments.

Whatever types of flooring, desks, or floor plans you have, we’ll work out what suits you best. We offer options for your office to be cleaned in the evening after business hours. We will set up a schedule that makes the most sense for you and your business.

We recommend a regular scheduled professional cleaning every two weeks. However, every home is different and many factors can affect what is best for each customer. While one customer may need weekly apartment cleaning in Northern Liberties Philadelphia because they have two dogs, and children, a single person in a one-bedroom apartment may need monthly cleaning. Every customer is unique and their lifestyle affects the decision on how frequently to schedule a home cleaning. 

For every house cleaning we do in Center City Philadelphia, we customize and find what suits our customers best. Above all, the goal of customer satisfaction is paramount. We make sure your estimate is affordable, and offer the best options so our clients can focus on their work and lives.

Many factors can affect how long each house cleaning job can take. For instance, a house cleaning in South Philly, where the homes are older, a one bedroom one bath can take more time than an apartment cleaning in Rittenhouse Square

We have learned to adjust our expectations for each account and allow for flexibility in our days. The average tends to be two or three hours per job. As professional home cleaners, we are efficient in our cleaning process and trained for excellence.

Restore Your Philadelphia Home's Sparkle with Deep Cleaning Experts:

At Homeworks, our experienced cleaners go beyond surface-level cleaning. We offer a comprehensive range of services to tackle any cleaning challenge in your Philadelphia home or apartment:

  • Friendly & Flexible Service: Our helpful house cleaners are carefully selected for their qualities of dependability, courtesy, and experience. As your cleaning needs evolve, our house cleaners are always happy to accommodate your special requests without hesitation.
  • House cleaning schedule to suit your needs: Whether you would like to schedule a weekly house cleaning or need a one-time or move-out cleaning, we stand behind our tried and true cleaning processes. 
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  • Trust: Finding a trustworthy house cleaner that you can comfortably welcome into your home is one of our top considerations when hiring our staff. We prioritize connecting you with the same professional cleaner and establish a consistent foundation and relationship.  With this consistency, our house cleaners learn the ins and outs of your home, minimizing the time it takes to clean while honoring your specific wishes. 

Expect exceptional results and a healthier living environment with Homeworks professional house cleaning services. Contact us today for a free quote! If you have any questions or need a reliable cleaning as soon as possible, contact us today!