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University City

A special brand of University City house cleaners

If you’re in search of a University City house cleaning service, it’s important to have high standards. A reliable house cleaner will develop an intimate relationship with your home, so it’s crucial to find the right combination of dependable service, affordability, and trustworthiness. 

A unique team

Unlike most other University City house cleaners, Homeworks generally avoids hiring career cleaners. Instead, we prefer students and young artists looking to support themselves financially while they pursue their career goals. This type of team member will approach house cleaning with more passion and enthusiasm, which we think is necessary for doing the job the right way.

A personal approach

We know that each home and homeowner is also unique, so we make sure to take an individualized approach to each of our clients. We do this by asking you to fill out a worksheet to clue us in on your personal needs and preferences for house cleaning. We’ll also assign one specific cleaner to your home, so that you can rely on the same type of service in each cleaning session.

Flexible scheduling

We’ll work with you to find the cleaning schedule that suits you best. You can have a regular cleaning day, and our cleaners are available Tuesdays through Fridays, with either a 10 AM or 1 PM start time. Our most popular services are weekly and biweekly cleanings, but we also offer 3-week and 4-week rotations, and one-time cleaning services.

Having worked with many different types of residents and homes, we’ll be able to work with you to develop the cleaning regimen and schedule that best suits you and your home. It’s this well-rounded approach that has helped us become one of the most reliable house cleaning services in 19104 and throughout Philadelphia.


Are you searching for a University City home cleaning service you can trust to clean your home the way you’d like it to be cleaned? Or maybe you already have a 19104 home cleaning service, but you’re in search of something better.

If you’re in the market for a University City home cleaning service, look no further than Homeworks. Our team can assist you with all of your home cleaning needs, including:

Our team can assist you with all of your home cleaning needs, including:

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, & Common Areas



Move-in & Move-out Cleaning

Extras, per request

Our team will work with you to develop a schedule and cleaning routine that best suits you and your home. Contact us today for an in-home consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

The bustling heart of West Philadelphia and academic epicenter of the entire region, University City gets its name for having two of the largest and most influential institutions in town: University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

These collegiate giants, sub-anchored by nationally renowned medical hubs, serve multiple disciplines.  The enclave also boasts a magnetic individuality fueled by youthful innovation and an unshakeable commitment to artistic and cultural exploration.


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