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Passyunk House Cleaners You Can Count On

A Different Kind of Philadelphia House Cleaning

Outsourcing the cleaning and upkeep of your home to a reliable Passyunk house cleaning service is a great way to free up time, accentuate the aesthetics of your home, and reduce stress. At Homeworks House Cleaning, we specialize in improving your quality of life with every cleaning. Our team is here to keep your home in prime condition, while you attend to the more pressing responsibilities of your busy day.

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Comprehensive Passyunk and Queens village House Cleaning Services

You can rely on our cleaners to attend to all of the necessary components of maintaining a sparkling clean home. Our team of motivated and energetic cleaners specializes in the following areas of house cleaning in Queens Village and Passyunk:

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Common Areas

This includes dusting all surfaces, wipe-downs of mirrors and glass fixtures, cleaning all floors, taking out trash and recycling, making beds/changing linens, and stacking/tidying.


We’ll clean and sanitize your toilet/tub/shower/sink, wipe down all surfaces, mirrors, and fixtures, take out trash/recycling, clean floors, and empty trash containers.


Including cleaning of sink/counters, wiping inside the microwave, wiping down the exterior of stove/oven/fridge, wiping fingerprints, cleaning all floors, and taking out garbage/recycling.

Insured & Bonded Cleaners in Queens Village

In addition to a thorough cleaning, our cleaners provide respect and custom care for your Queens Village home. Alongside extensive pre-employment processes and professional cleaner training, our insurance and bonding credentials protect your property in the unlikely event of accidental material damage. 

With careful cleaning always in mind, our qualified housekeepers provide exceptionally clean results with:

  • Safer Product Selection: If you have sensitivities to certain products, children, or pets, we never hesitate to accommodate your cleanser preferences. We can use your favorite brands, and if you don’t have the necessary products on hand, we’ll gladly purchase the non-toxic and safe products you like before beginning service.
  • Zero Cross Contamination: We never bring cleaning tools from one home to another. We’re here to clean your home, not expose you to your neighbors’ germs! When it comes to single cleanings or move-ins and move-outs, we have specific products for those deep cleaning services.
  • Experienced House Cleaning Practices: With better training and years of experience in home hygiene, we know how to tackle tough messes with safety in mind. We can safely clean hardwood floors, valuable granite countertops, and every other sensitive surface you need assistance with. Whether you need a deep clean come springtime, or a tidy weekly cleaning to stay ahead of the mess, you can expect stunning finishes and a revitalized feeling every time you come home.

We Serve Residents in 19147

For over 15 years, Homeworks has been helping busy city dwellers in Passyunk, Queens village and Bella Vista to keep their homes clean. Over this period, we’ve developed a system for unparalleled customer service. We approach each home on an individual basis, by asking our clients to fill out a worksheet detailing their personal preferences and requests. We also prefer to assign one specific cleaner to your home. This allows us to consistently clean your home just the way you like it.

The best Passyunk and Queens village House Cleaning Services

At Homeworks House Cleaning, we take a different kind of approach to home cleaning. All of our team members have also undergone a thorough screening process to make sure they’re of high character, with a solid work history to back that up. We’ll also take an individualized approach to serve you and your home.

Once you have scheduled your cleanings, you can fill out your preferences and information with our mobile app or via email. We build relationships with our clients by making sure each cleaner has a feel for your personal needs and preferences for cleaning your home. We also encourage you to leave any additional notes you feel are necessary on cleaning day. This way, our maids can consistently clean your home just how you like it.

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Passyunk - Queen Village - Bella Vista Area

One of the few diagonal streets cutting through Philadelphia’s grid design, Passyunk Avenue — and the surrounding neighborhood — has always stood out from the crowd.

The highly walkable thoroughfare that gives East Passyunk (pronounced “Pashyunk” by locals) its name is lined with indie boutiques, bars and cafes. It’s home to traditional red gravy Italian restaurants, world-famous cheesesteak spots and highly acclaimed eateries that have earned it a spot on Food and Wine’s list of 10 Best Foodie Streets in America.

Create a Personalized House Cleaning Plan With Our Cleaners Today! 

We’d love to talk with you and design a cleaning plan that brings out the best in your home in Queens Village or Passyunk! During our no-hassle consultations, we work together to evaluate the needs of your home, help you compare our various cleaning options, and can easily coordinate our services around your lifestyle. 

Our cleaning staff in Queens Village and Passyunk can brighten the energy of your apartment, home, or commercial space, our affordable property care is as accessible as can be. We arrive on time, clean with efficiency, and are always happy to adjust our professional care any time you have a special request or preferred area of focus. 

For more information about our responsive cleaners, and service options, or transparent house cleaning pricing, reach out to our company for an informative cleaning consultation today!

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