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Over the past 20 years, we’ve learned from our customers how best to adapt to the wide range of house cleaning needs, wishes and expectations.

Our House Cleaning

Over the past 20 years Homeworks house cleaning service has developed a process  and company wide system that guarantees customer satisfaction.  Each home is different with a wide range of needs and expectations.  Our staff and home cleaners use a phone app  with a customized check list for your home with all the details and instructions with your preferences and requests. We encourage our clients to leave additional notes on the day of your cleaning if they wish.  No one knows your home like you do. This ensures that we thoroughly address any important areas you many notice before your cleaning day.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Absolutely. All of our staff are employees and covered under Pennsylvania Workers Compensation, which is important to protect you the homeowner. Be aware of other companies that hire subcontractors to avoid the costs of properly employing their workers. These companies leave you vulnerable to liability issues and lawsuits.

It’s very easy.  We’ll email you an invoice at the end of the work day with link for credit card payment.  Or you can mail a check (address is on the invoice)

That is our preference. We hope it’s yours too. We feel that your home deserves the personal touch that can best be delivered by the same great house cleaner who develops a familiarity and personal connection with you and your home. Sometimes your person (or team) may be sick or called away to a family matter. In that case you could have another team member fill-in for them or you could just reschedule.

Sure thing. Our staff is available Tuesdays thru Fridays with a 9:30 am or 1 pm start time. You can chose the day, time and rotation that suits you best. We always send an email reminder the day before your scheduled cleaning to be sure you’re expecting us.

It’s totally up to you. Most clients are at work or prefer to take some time off for themselves while we put things in order on the home front. You can let us know what you prefer.

For One-Time cleaning and for Move-in/Move-out cleaning, we bring the necessary supplies. However, for regularly scheduled cleaning we believe it’s most hygienic to keep your home insulated from other homes. Many services drag supplies and (worst of all) vacuum cleaners from one house to the next. This exposes your home to all matter of who-knows-what that has been drawn-up from other homes. We are happy to purchase products for you to avoid cross contamination and avoid the risk of spreading infestation from house to house.

Absolutely. We hire for character and conduct. We believe trust to be the foundation of our company and the relationships we have with our staff and our customers. We put a lot of effort into training and caring for our employees. We understand your home is your personal space and we respect your privacy, property and possessions.

 We love pets! Let us know if your pets need any special attention when it comes to cleaning around them.

Our staff is made up of students and artists, creative types with an eye for cleaning. The problem with career cleaners is that they tend not to be particularly motivated and we’ve found that our employees are focused, energetic and are the type of people we like to work with and that our customers are happy to have in their homes. Cleaning is hard work and young adults have the energy, focus and desire to please our customers. We have very strict standards regarding character, attitude and past job performance. You’ll be happy to be supporting young adults as they strive to better their lives and pursue their other interests. Check out Our Team page to meet our staff.

Our most popular services are Weekly and Bi-Weekly Cleanings. Some of our customers prefer a 3 or 4 week rotation or a One-Time cleaning. If you’re moving out of a house or apartment and you want to get your security deposit back, you’ll want to schedule a Move-in/Move-out cleaning. We also do Office Cleaning and the common areas of apartment buildings and condominiums.

We recommend lock boxes for house keys to be put out on the day of your cleaning.   This helps to avoid disrupting your schedule with unexpected delays.  Traveling through the city traffic and parking can be unpredictable. When possible, leave permission and keys at the front desk.

We love to get referrals! When you refer us to your friends, please have them mention your name. When they schedule a cleaning we’ll include a 20% discount to your next cleaning.

Every home is very different with a wide range of factors that affect the rate for cleaning your home. For one time cleaning, we charge by the hour. In this way your total will reflect the amount of work and detail you request. If you’re looking to set up a regular cleaning schedule, we generally like to meet with you for a few minutes to discuss your needs. We can then tell you more about our service and give you a quote. We’re confident you’ll find Homeworks to be a good fit for you, your family and your home.

Tips are always appreciated, never required. If you are pleased with the service and want to express your happiness with a tip, the cleaners will be very happy. You can expect the same high level of service either way.  

Life is always in motion and sometimes unpredictable so we understand and try our best to be flexible.  However last minute cancellations lead to unfillable time slots in you cleaners schedule, so we kindly request 24 hours notice to cancel or move your appointment.  

Important Cleaning Notes

Setting Realistic expectations

House cleaning is not an exact science and home come in a wide range of conditions.  We want to do our best to meet your expectations.  Please consider the following notes. 

Mildew Removal

Mildew Removal: We use standard house cleaning products to scrub shower walls, grout and tile with soap-scum remover and/or degreaser with scrubby sponges and spray with mildew and mold remover. More extreme conditions require regrouting and/or professional mildew removal services.


WINDOWS: are generally considered an add-on to regular cleaning services. (This includes the areas between window sill and the exterior) This will increase the amount of time needed for cleaning and requires additional tools for us to include with our supplies.

Washing Walls

WALLS: the proper process for addressing marks and stains on walls and baseboards is touch up paint. Washing or wiping walls is generally not a solution as it removes paint and does not create the desired result.

REFRIGERATOR: we clean inside fridge, freezer and all compartments. We find There is a considerable range of conditions. Our efforts go more quickly if the fridge has been maintained.

Oven Cleaning

OVEN: If the oven has had heavy use and/or been neglected in its routine maintenance cleanings, we suggest you run the self cleaning oven feature before we arrive. We use spray on oven cleaner. Be aware that this product is not guaranteed to remove extreme oven residue and could require additional efforts with scrappers and/or additional treatments. We will do our best to scrub out what’s left in residual areas.

Leave a punch list

LEAVE A NOTE: It can be helpful if you have with specific requests and details for cleaning. Each home is different and there are a wide range of expectations. We want to do our best achieve the results you’re looking for.

Know Who We Are

Licensed & Insured

Its very important to book a cleaning service that is fully insured including bonding, liability & workman’s compensation), 

Also we DO NOT use subcontractors, an important distinction when comparing rates & companies.

Credit card payment

 We’ll email you an invoice with the total at the end of the work day with link for easy credit card payment.

Reminder email

We’ll send a reminder email the day before you’re cleaning.


We recommend lock boxes for house keys to avoid disrupting your schedule with unexpected delays. Traveling thru the city, with traffic and parking can be unpredictable. When possible, leave permission and keys at the front desk.


LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: lead to unfillable time slots in you cleaners schedule, so we kindly request 24 hours notice to cancel or move your appointment.

Feedback or concerns

Request a call Back?

If after the cleaning you have any feedback or concerns, please let us know so we can address them promptly.