Cleaning person yellow gloves holding cleaning supplies.

Recomended Cleaning Supplies

For regular home cleanings we recommend that customers have their own in-home supplies. Our experience has shown us and our customers that this is the most hygienic as it avoids  cross contamination between homes. 

Many companies will clean 50+ homes per week with the same mops, rags and vacuums. It’s important that your home be insulated from contaminants of other homes. 

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Order online from Amazon and have your products shipped directly to your home.  Select each item you need below to add to your amazon shopping cart.

Cleaners and Solvents


A bottle of windex is shown in this picture.
Windex works best for kitchen counters, tile and glass surfaces. Windex is our most important cleaner. Mild ammonia base.

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All Purpose

A bottle of lysol all purpose cleaner
All purpose cleaner removes greasy oily residue. Used in kitchens, bathroom sinks and tubs. Any area with sicky grime.

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A can of ajax with bleach.
Cleanser is for scrubbing difficult to remove grime. Use in sinks tubs and showers. Hard working scrubbing power.

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Mold / Mildew

A bottle of tilex cleaner on white background.
Used when showers have a mildew residue on the grout. Mildew under the grout requires a contractor and re grouting.

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Light Equipment and Tools

Microfiber Cloths

A stack of microfiber cleaning cloths in different colors.
Microfiber cleaning cloths keep us from using as many paper towels and excellent for dusting surfaces.

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Paper Towels

A roll of paper is next to the other roll.
Paper towels are a sanitary choice as the are discarde after each cleaning. If we don't have rags, we'll use paper towels

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Toilet Brush

A white toilet brush with a long handle.
A toilet brush in the bathroom to scrub inside the rim.

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Trash Bags

A white bag with red bow on top of it.
We always need a bag to empy all the trash cans into as we clean. Let us know where to discard. In bin, trash chute or dumpster

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Bona Mop

A blue mop and two other items are on the floor.
These mops are strong and come with Microfiber pads capture dirt and residue and they are washable and reusable for repeated efficient cleaning.

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A vacuum cleaner is shown with its head on the floor.
A small canister vacuum is ideal. These allow us to vacuum baseboards, corners under bed, night tables and carpets. Definatly have your own vacuum.

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Stainless Steel

A bottle of stainless steel cleaner
Stainless steel polish/cleaner is only need if your appliaces need it. Keep your stainless steel surfaces looking great. .

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A stack of blue sponges with a white cap.
Kitchens scrubby sponges are useful for all those hard to remove spots and stains like shower walls, kitchen sinks etc.

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Additional Products

These products can be helpful based on the condition and size of your home

Additional Floor Pads

Floor cleaning Bona Pads
Purchase additional Microfiber pads. We often use 2 or more for a larger space. They are washable and reusable for repeated efficient cleaning.

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Floor Cleaner

Bona Floor cleaner
Residue free designed to remove dust, dirt and grime leaveing your floors clean and beautiful.

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Removes tough limescale, hard water build-up, calcium and rust stains caused by natural minerals in your water. Good for sinks & fixtures and shower glass

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Oven Cleaner

Removes tough oven grease and food. Used when interior of oven is requested. Can be used on broiler pans and stainless steel surfaces.

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Note:  If your unable to pick up supplies, let us know and we’ll purchase them for you. 

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