How to clean a Mattress

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Here's how to clean a mattress (Yes, You need to do this)

One of the lsat things you often think about is your mattress, but it need a good cleaning too.   You sleep on it every night and wash the sheets regularly but when was the last time you cleaned the mattress itself?    It’s true that you have alot of stuff in your Philadelphia home to clean but don’t forget this very important part of your space.  You spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. 

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Tiny little gross stuff

Lets be honest, your matress can be filled with tiny little gross stuff that you’d rather not think about like skin you shed, dust mites and allergens.   Add pets, kids and you probably have some deep down stains you don’t even know about.  If your skin is crawling right now, that may be just the incentive you need to tackel this project or just call a cleaning service and add it to their to do list. 

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How to do it and how often

So now you’re  wondering how to actually clean a mattress and how often should this be done?   We think that at least once a year is adiquite.  But before you start, be sure there is good venilation in the room.   Open the windows and doors and get some air flowing.   

Start by vacuuming the mattress.   It can be useful to attach the upholstery attachment to focus the air appropriately.   You can also purchase a special vacuum made specifically to clean mattresses.   Vacuum the entire top area including all those little crevices along the seams.   Now flip and repeat on the other side. 


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Baking soda to deodorize

Next, you’ll want to deodorize the mattress.   We recommend a box of baking soda.   Sprinkle both side and let it sit for a few hours.  Now’s a good time to go clean another room for a bit, you can come back a finish up later  and vacuum up all the visible baking soda.  

A nice touch is to add a few drops of essential oils like Lavender, cedar wood or any other favorite scent to your baking soda.  The aroma will permeate the mattress fabric.   Another option is to apply lysol or another spray disinfectant to both sides of the mattress.   Let it dry.   Vacuum again.  You’ll pick up more and repeating this step often is excellent.   

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What about staines

While you’re at this, inspect your mattress for any staines.   You want to address any spots or stains before you vacuum or apply any baking soda or disinfectant.   There are a verity of products designed to address staines that have set-in.   Enzymatic cleaners are suggested to address these areas.   These products use enzymes to break down the troble spots.   You can also make your own cleaner by mixing mild dish detergent and war water.  Dish soap is incredibly useful.  Check out our blog post here Other options are distilled white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.   Just be aware that hydrogen peroxide has bleaching capabilities which is good for staines but might also effect the fabric on your mattress.   Test a small spot on the side edge to be sure you’re ok with it.  

If this is all too much for you and you’d rather have someone else address this hassle, just call your cleaning service.   This is just the kind of stuff we like to tackle.   Call Homework House Cleaning today 215-619-1836


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