How to keep your Shower Glass Spotless and water stain Free

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Keep your Shower Glass Spotless

So you’ve just move in to your new home or had a new bathroom installed and everything looks perfect.   Now comes the hard part, keeping that shower glass sparkling clean.   Here at Homeworks house cleaning services, our staff is working every day to make our customers homes shine and we’ve learned a few tricks that we would recommend.    These tips will help keep your shower glass free from watermarks and soap scum.  

1. Dishwasher tablet hack

While this is great as a one-off deep clean, we don’t recommend it for regular cleaning as there’s a lot of concentrated chemicals in those tablets and they”re not recommended for your skin.   Be sure to ware gloves, something we always do with our cleaning.

2. Quick wipe with towel

Keep a small hand towel on the towel rail and at the end of my shower each morning, just do a quick quick wipe down to remove any soap (you only have to wash it down from where soap may have landed) then quickly dry it off with the hand towel.

3. Use a Squeegee

This one has become very poplar and it will make a huge difference in your shower soap scum build up.   About once a month spray inside the shower glass with a commercial degreaser and then wash it off, and dry with the towel.  Your shower glass will look brand new. 

A woman holding a spray bottle and cleaning the shower.

4. Baking Soda

Check this one out.   Baking soda really is an amaizing product with so many uses.  For shower glass, make a thick paste of baking soda and rub it over the door.  You can check the surface with your bare hands work best as you can feel where the dirt is, scrub on the past, then simply wash it off.”   This has the benefit of being earth friendly and not toxic in any way.  

5. Less Soap during your shower

Here’s a fresh idea from Jenny at Apartment  She suggests using 100% soap -free shower gel.   “You’ll be amazed how much cleaner the glass will stay if you adopt this very simple habit.  

A woman holding a spray bottle and cleaning the window.

6. Try glass protectors

Treat the glass with RainX or Invisible Shield.   This simple action can make a huge difference and lengthen the time between each cleaning you need to apply in your bathroom glass area.    

Most importantly, keep up with you shower glass on a regular basis to avoid heavy build up.   Hire a regular cleaning service to do it for you if your not so inclined.   Bathrooms are one of the most used areas in your home and with regular attention and maintained, you’ll find the space can shine and keep its fresh look over the years.   

If you have additional tips you’ve use or recommend, let us know.   

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