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Midtown Village in Philadelphia is one of the leisure hotspots in all of Philadelphia and the Center City district, with restaurants and bars surrounding the theaters and shops of Broad Street and Rittenhouse are the best.  Here is our list of the best places to eat, drink and explore. 


Try the wood-fired pizzas and dishes accented with vegetables and fresh cheeses. This restaurant has urban-farmhouse style flair with its rustic woods and marble bar. The wood-fired pizzas are thin, crispy and delicate, and each dish is more creative than the last.


Praised for its original and modern Italian dishes. This Roman-style trattoria offers small plates of pasta and meats with creative gusto. The industrial space with sleek wood keeps the décor relevant and in tune with its classy Italian cuisine.


This small Mexican restaurant has a casual atmosphere where patrons can purchase margaritas, street-food inspired tacos and inventive Mexican cuisine. The casual vibe mixed with the exposed brick and sleek wood tables make for a cozy-chic vibe.


This is fine dining and a vegan restaurant that doesn’t just have to be for vegans. It is a nationally-recognized with an amazing selection and combination of seasonally and locally-sourced ingredients. It’s so good, it will be a surprise to many that it’s even vegan.

El Vez

If your looking for another Mexican fix, this upscale fusion restaurant hits the spot. El Vez’s food presentation is beautiful and its menu ranges from tacos to burritos and enchiladas. Menu is simple yet fresh and always tasteful ingredients.

Nomad Roman Pizza

Using only fresh, organic and local ingredients, Nomad Pizza is a slice of Roma transplanted into Philadelphia, a cozy little area of Midtown Village. The menu changes weekly, but usually they serve about 12 different styles, including the popular spicy soppressata.

Midtown Village Fall Festival

You don't want to miss this. Held every autumn, the Midtown Village Fall Festival celebrates these independent businesses with one of Philadelphia’s premier outdoor events and attracts a whopping 50,000-plus attendees per year. The festival takes place on 13th Street and across several surrounding blocks in Midtown Village and features live music and entertainment, food from area restaurants and offerings from a slew of vendors and crafters.

Plan a visit

The Midtown Village Merchants Association is an active and engaged group of businesses. The group was formed in 2006 when the area first began to come alive with renewed vitality after many years of decline. Developer Tony Goldman was the catalyst behind the change to this 13th Street corridor, when he purchased many of its buildings and began the lengthy process of recreating a neighborhood, a merchants corridor and a vibe! Midtown Village prides itself on being a unique enclave of open minded, independently owned and operated restaurants, hotels, retail boutiques and more.

Midtown -Center city - Chinatown home cleaning

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